Hi I’m Gina!

I decided to start this adventure because parenting has changed me a lot. But who doesn’t it change? Yea my a** got bigger, boobs (I never had these suckers and I wont miss them when they go), hormonal changes ( what a joy!) and a million other physical things. But I became a parent before ever giving birth. Yup I’m that lucky! I became “My Gina” as Kaylee calls me, other wise known as a stepmother (don’t call me her stepmother I’m much cooler than what Disney depicts a step mom to be). Let me give you some background on me and my relationship with Steven (it’s quite juicy, tons and tons of drama, just not our drama).

Before Steve, I was not the happy person I am today! Duh isn’t that what everyone in a relationship says about life prior to being with their amazing other half? No, but really I wasn’t. Every little thing in life bothered me and was a big deal. My confidence was rather shabby and I had anxiety through the roof. I had a lot of toxic people in my life who drained my energy. It felt like every path I would go down would just lead to a dark cold dead-end! But then I met Steven (envision running though a meadow of flowers on a warm summer day with a flower head band on, yea it wasn’t like that). The summer I met Steve was the best summer of my life! No really it was, just not in a corny way! We went everywhere together. Always laughing and never wanting our day to end. It was an important summer for me. Getting to know Steve introduced me to my self. He made my self-esteem come back from the dead. I learned so much about life that summer. The most important thing I learned though was how important and fragile life is. Steve’s daughter Kaylee was one almost two that august the summer we started dating. Kaylee had already received open heart surgery at just 6 days old and her next surgery was coming near. I didn’t meet Kaylee until Steve and I were certain we were in this together for the long haul. I didn’t even meet Kaylee yet and she had changed my world. Every single day from the day Steve and I got serious, was about Kaylee. There was no room for either of us to be selfish and think about ourselves. We only seen each other when Kaylee was sleeping or spending time with her mother. But the day came when I met Kaylee (oh my gosh I was never so afraid of a little human standing only 23″ tall and weighing in at 19 lbs). My heart raced faster than it ever had before (fast forward to today, now my head spins faster than it has ever spun before).

From the day I met Kaylee untill now, we are inseparable. She is my trusty little sidekick. November of 2016 Kaylee had her 2nd open heart surgery and that was the day that changed my life forever! All of my issues ( let’s seriously take a moment to laugh out loud at all the things I once considered an issue in my life) were nothing, absolutely meaningless. It’s embarrassing to think I once let such minor things impact my life the way it did. Well the day before Kaylee went in for surgery I never prayed to God so much in my life. I would have done anything to trade places with her. Seeing her in the hospital broke me into a million pieces. That my friends is what you call an issue! Take every single day healthy as a blessing! Nothing in this world, not money, not material things, nada is more important than health! This pint size child has gone through so much, yet she is the strongest person I know. I tell her everything is magical, but truth is she’s the magical one. She has theses powers that anyone she meets she absolutely steals their heart!

Steve and I welcomed our daughter Olivia into this world July 30th of this year. I must say to all you other step moms out there who became a parent first to a child you didn’t give birth to, you don’t feel different about either child. Pregnancy was amazing, but secretly I was afraid. Not Afraid of pushing a watermelon out of a marble sized hole, no no no! I was afraid I would feel a difference between Kaylee and Olivia because all I kept hearing was ” oh just wait till you have your own” when ever I had Kaylee and someone would refer to her as my daughter and I would have to awkwardly explain she is my step daughter. But the day came that I gave birth to Olivia and 5 minutes after holding her I just couldn’t wait to see Kaylee and have her meet her baby sister. Oh man the feeling when Kaylee walked in the room (im crying now reliving it in my head) I couldn’t stop crying to see my girls together! Yup my girls! I said it! Kaylee didn’t come out of me but shes my spirit child (some people have spirit animals, you have better luck taming an animal than Kaylee when she wants her way, she’s our future leader, not follower, type of personality). I might not have given her life but I will tell you this, I will give every ounce of my life to give her and Olivia the best life I could give them. Olivia is an amazing baby I am going to jinx myself for saying this (i’ll keep you posted in 6 months from now if im still saying this) shes the best baby, she is so easy! Kaylee is a little mommy and Olivia is her real life doll! It’s great, I couldn’t be happier!

So now that you have the briefing of how our family began, you can understand us more as we get further into this blog and you really can get a glimpse of our every day life and all the things we do with the girls! Our goal for this blog is to have parents take a step back and stop stressing so much. When things get out of hand and messy just let it be, tomorrow is another day, the kiddos are not tiny forever (can’t promise you they won’t be messy forever but hey one day they will be out of your house). I look forward to writing for you and I hope you enjoy all the cool things we have planned to post.

xo Gina

P.s I’m a baker not a writer and there most certainly will be a ton of grammatical errors =)   #sorrynotsorry

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  1. mammaspeaks says:

    Wow, Gina, such a beautiful person you are, and a very beautiful family you have! I had read it somewhere and come across this many times in my life – you needn’t push a baby out of your body to be a mother. It’s the same thing with you. You love Kaylee like your own, that’s it!


    1. gina says:

      Thank you so much! Yes I absolutely do love her and I love being “my gina” to her! I love your blog I started reading through It. I can’t wait to sit with my cup of coffee as the baby sleeps to read more! Thank you for your support xo Gina

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mammaspeaks says:

        That’s a wonderful thing to say, Gina! Hugs!!


  2. You are incredible Gina, I have been married for 4 years and can’t wait to have my baby. At the same time I am scared. Blessings to your family and the little ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gina says:

      Thank you so much! Don’t be afraid! Being a mother is amazing and you will do just fine! It’s the greatest journey you will take in life . I promise !


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