Hi I’m Steve!

Here’s my introduction, I’m Steve. I’m not a writer, and my browsing history doesn’t lie- “20 ways to kill your writer’s block forever” “10 ways to get rid of writer’s block Right Now” and “6 tips for getting rid of writer’s block”. With that out of the way, I am a dad to two very entertaining little girls.

Our newest addition, Olivia, holds the unofficial title of “world’s easiest baby”. She has the best personality, eats good, sleeps good, and idolizes her big sister(yes, even at six months old she makes it obvious). Besides having another little girl to love, life hasn’t changed for me much since Olivia was born thanks to Gina being such an awesome mom. Just yesterday we were trying to count the amount of s**t diapers I changed….I said three, she argued it was only two! My life and family now is truly perfect.

My first little love, Kaylee, didn’t start off like a typical newborn. After birth she stayed in neonatal intensive care for the first five days of her life for low birth weight and feeding issues. On the 5th day it was discovered that she had two major congenital heart defects, a ventricle septal defect (complete opening between the two lower chambers of the heart) and an interrupted aortic arch type b (complete separation of the aorta between the subclavian and coronary arteries). She was immediately transported to NYU, the prognosis was grim. The next morning surgeons would perform “the Norwood procedure”. This surgery would convert her heart to three chambers instead of the normal four, and she would be left with around 70% function along with needing a heart transplant in her early twenties. Luckily the next morning when Dr. Mosca took a second look, he was able to perform a complete repair of Kaylee’s heart. After a month to recover in the hospital, two cardiac catheterizations and one more open heart surgery around two year of age, she is one healthy and fiesty three-and-a-half year old.

And that is the last you will hear about Kaylee’s heart. I refuse to coddle her because of it. In fact I am harder on her because of it- like oil and water, success and excuses don’t mix!

There are many stereotypes associated with being a dad, hopefully I don’t fall into many of them! Kaylee and I have a very special bond. Up until two years ago, I cooked her dinner, gave her baths every night(dance parties in the tub with light up toys and a different genre of music every night of the week), rocked her to sleep after reading her “goodnight moon” or “tiptoe ballerina”, and jumped out of bed every time she would wake up screaming “daddy”. There was even some nights that I decided that the easiest way to get her to sleep was to just sleep in the crib with her. Whatever works, I wouldn’t change a thing!

With the relationship I have with my girls it bothers me when dads out there complain about “babysitting” their own kids! Man up, put down the video games, step away from the sports on t.v. and take care of your family (kids AND mom). No more rants from me, just some fun experiences and D.I.Y.’s with the kids. We look forward to bringing you entertainment, insight, and somewhat credible information. Thanks for following.

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  1. Lisa A Kohm says:

    Steve you are amazing!!!! I hope every one could find their Steve. You are not just a great Dad but you are an awesome partner to Gina. Love you all💕

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  2. Donna says:

    Love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joan Ruff says:

    So proud of you Steven!! You and Gina make a perfect pair. Thank you for 2 beautiful granddaughters!!! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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