Are we teaching them or are they teaching us?

I can’t really describe the feeling the moment Kaylee blew my mind (not the typical Kayleeisms that makes you ask “what did you just say”type of blow my mind moment). This was different. It was a moment that had many different emotions for me. So It was Monday, the type of Monday we wait for all week, the Monday after the Monday we dread all week. We get to pick up Kaylee, it’s our time with her. Her favorite place ever is the trampoline park. This kid can bounce around like Tigger for hours at a time. So we head on over and the place is empty. Yes we have the place to our selves. So we thought. The place is just so big, we didn’t see the little boy and his mother bouncing in the far corner. They come close to us and I freeze not knowing how Kaylee was going to react. Yes Kaylee is loud, outspoken and a ton of fun but she’s is also extremely territorial (step on her square at the trampoline park and she’s brutal) and shy. The little boy hade a trache. I was so nervous for Kaylee to ask “what’s that” or “what’s wrong with him Gina” like she has so many times before when seeing someone on oxygen or using a wheelchair. But this was different. She stopped jumping, froze for a second and gave her typical Kaylee side eye. Those seconds felt like an hour for me. In my head I was saying “please Kaylee say something that won’t hurt this little boys feeling, just say hi please dear God let her say hi”. The little boy said hi to her first, that’s when I really thought she was going to get afraid. The sound in his voice from the trache for me was heart breaking, but I understood why he sounded the way he did. My stomach now turning, she starts bouncing and with her sweet little smile she said hi. Thank you God I can now stop holding my breath and start breathing again. I looked at his mother, smiled and said hi and with a warm smile and a look of relief on her face as well, she gave me a hello.

Kaylee Kaylee Kaylee your something else. She played with this little boy, jumping from trampoline to trampoline, jumping in foam blocks and sliding down the wall with him as if they were life long buddies. She didn’t even notice. She was in her element at the trampoline park. By the end of the hour and 20 minutes they were holding hands and hugging each other. His mother than punched me in the gut with a “nobody ever plays with my son”. As a mother hearing that from another mother, ugg that hurt. But at the same time my inner self was sitting on my shoulder with her arms folded across her chest going “well did you expect any less from Kaylee?”. It was a really amazing moment for me. I was so proud of her. But It made me stop and wonder: Are we teaching our kids or are they teaching us?

We try our best to teach them right and wrong. We automatically assume they will pass judgement when someone or something is different and we try to teach them not to be that way. But maybe it’s us. As we get older we start making assumptions based on what we see and we characterize people based on our assumptions. Here I am looking at this little boys trache and automatically assumed Kaylee would not want to play with him or would get scared. Meanwhile Kaylee was looking at his jumping skills. It was quite humbling to say the least. Maybe as we get older we’re looking at the wrong things about a person before passing judgment. By no means do I want you to think I was judging this little boy in any way, it was Kaylee I was judging! Here’s a 5 year old ( I know he was 5 because it just so happened to be his birthday) little boy jumping around with his momma, the same thing Kaylee and I were doing together. And that’s what she analyzed too. She didn’t even ask me what was in his throat or why he spoke that way after we left.

My instinct told me to just let the moment happen and roll with it. But what if I jumped in before they could exchange hi’s in simple fear of how Kaylee might have reacted? Ya see it would have been me teaching Kaylee that there was a difference or something to be afraid of if I had done that. So peeps the reason I’m writing this is because she taught me a major lesson and I really hope you all can learn from this too when it comes to our kids. Approach every situation from every angel before making a move. Let them experience others on their own, be a few steps behind them just in case things go south (the way I thought they would have). Explain things when needed and leave things alone when questions aren’t asked. It’s really amazing how these little munchkins can teach us a thing or two about life.

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  1. Just Me says:

    Good instincts on your part. Yay-you for listening to them! Young kids are curious, authentic and usually guiless. I think it’s what they pick up from adults, or older kids, that “shades” that for the them. Not mentioning his trache, even afterwards, was a great call by you. Thanks to you she just had a great day with a new friend!

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  2. Donna says:

    What a terrific story we all could learn from.

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  3. courtney says:

    I love this!!

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  4. mammaspeaks says:

    We can learn so many things from kids, if we let ourselves. All these doubts are in our mind, kids act so naturally. Also, it’s a good lesson for us that kids act very unpredictably. Love your Kaylee, Gina! ❤

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