A handful of love DIY

I have an obsession with the girls handprints and footprints! I can show you hundreds of things to do with them. I have Kaylee’s first finger (body) painting she’s ever done (she was 2) framed like it’s a $100,000.00 famous artist who did it (actually it’s more special to me when it’s the girls art, so you can keep your expensive artwork!) Look how little she was!!!!

So now with Olivia I pretty much make everything out of her tiny hands and feet!

For Valentines Day I made a hand magnet made out of salt dough.

This takes a lonnnnngggg time to make! Well baking it takes a long time all the rest is pretty simple.

What you will need:


A photo of your child (a small passport sized one)

Hot glue gun


Mod podge

Paint optional (I painted one and didn’t like how it came out, I felt it took away from her tiny fingerprints

To make the dough:

You need 2 cups of all purpose flour

1 cup of table salt

1 cup of water

Mix it all up and slowly pour in the water (you might need just a little bit more water)

Mix it all up till it becomes a crumby soft dough. If you make it really wet and sticky it’s not going to work well and it will take an even longer time to dry it.

Roll the dough into balls.

Roll the dough a half inch thick (it’s thinner in the pictures but the ones I did where the dough is thicker , Olivia’s hand prints came out better.

Cut out round disks (make sure it’s the size of your child hand, I know in this picture it looks like the disk is not big enough but it was)

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter that is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand print but big enough for the child’s picture to show.

Bake for several hours at 125 degrees. Start this project in the morning if you are going to be home all day! It took almost 6 hours for mine to dry out đŸ˜«

you know they are finished when they are the same color on both sizes. The wet side will be darker. I baked 3 hrs facing up and flipped them for the last 3 hours.

Paint the mod podge onto the entire disk. Let the top and side dry before flipping to paint the bottom. I used two coats. This is what’s preserving the salt dough for a long long time. Without it the disk will not last very long.

cut the picture of your child

use the mod podg to glue the picture face down to the back of the diskpaint the mod podge over the back of the picture and disk to seal it in.

Once dried hot glue a magnet onto the back Cut a heart out of card-stock paper and measure where the disk will sit on it so that you can write “a handful of love on it”use double sided tape (or do what I did and roll the tape to make double sided tape) to stick the magnet onto the heartIf you want the heart to always be apart of the magnet I suggest hot gluing the disk to the paper and gluing the magnet to the back of the paper heart. I wanted it come off the paper so I just taped it on as a card.

wrap it up and add it to the pile of Valentine’s Day DIY gifts for everyone.

Olivia enjoyed giving her great grandma hand made presents today! It’s the perfect little gift for Olivia to give on her first Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy making these little handprints to treasure forever when the little ones hands are not as small as they are now. It’s a great memory to keep! Xoxox

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