Crayola experience

This past Christmas we asked everyone to hold back on giving toys as a gift for Kaylee. Instead we came up with a list of places that Kaylee would like to go. Everyone was able to buy her a ticket for one of these places. Uncle Kenny and aunt Lauren bought her an annual pass for Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. Being a pass holder you need to take a picture for your really cool Crayola i.d. card. That didn’t go over well for Kaylee (and we looked like the crazy parents telling the girl at the desk it’s ok, just take the picture of her crying because that’s all your going to get out of her right now). She was not taking a picture, so we now have this lovely card with a screaming Kaylee on it (it will be saved for her sweet 16/wedding montage if they still do that kind of stuff by the time those days come).

We headed straight to crayon making (it’s my favorite section, and I was anticipating making Olivia’s first crayon the entire ride). Kaylee made Olivia’s first crayon!

Kaylee is a pro at putting the stickers on the crayons.

I feel like three and a half is the perfect age to come. We first came to the Crayola factory when Kaylee was two years old. I have to say, we went for our own enjoyment and since we needed a child to not look like creeps, Kaylee was our “in”. It’s incredible to see the change a year makes. Kaylee was loving it. We took pictures to make our own coloring pages, colored a picture to turn into a puzzle, we got to see the worlds largest crayon (a 15 foot crayon weighing in at 1,500 lbs, pretty impressive) and used all our extra tokens in the marker machine. There’s so many things to do. There is coloring, modeling foam clay, and climbing though the jungle gym. But Kaylee would prefer if all the kids left and it was only us there. She was a bit overwhelmed to say the least with the amount of people there. We are most definitely keeping this as one of our places to come on a week day, weekends are insanely crowded. The long lines were definitely testing Kaylee’s patience.

Olivia on the other loved looking around and seeing all the colors. She’s pretty much happy all of the time.

We could never end our trip to Easton, PA without a trip to our favorite pizza spot, Stoke coal fire pizza and bar. The pizza is out of this world! It is a must when visiting Easton to stop in! We had a fungi bianco with caramelized onion, truffle oil, fresh mozzarella and shaved pecorino romano.

Kaylee loved it and so did we!

The hour and 10 minute ride was perfect for the naps (both coming and going).

For steve and I, we absolutely love the scenery on this drive! It’s so tranquil seeing all the farms and the old big beautiful houses on the hill as you enter the town of Easton!

We can’t wait to go back!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa A Kohm says:

    Love it. 💖💖


  2. Just Me says:

    Ooooh, the next time you go let me know. I used to take Lauren there when she was young. I’d love to go back but, unlike you, I don’t have a kid prop anymore, and will need to borrow one of yours! Lol. There’s also the Please Touch kids museum in Philly if you haven’t been there yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gina says:

      We haven’t been to the touch museum yet!!! I’d loveeee to go!


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