Way too long….

It has been a very long time since I have been on here. Way too long actually! Life has changed a lot and so have the girls! This update will be long so I apologize ahead of time. I promise I’ll keep up with it now that I realized how much I missed posting.

The house

We moved into our house in April. We’re still doing lots of work on it but we absolutely love it.

We made sure we were in for Easter but we moved right back out the next day so our floors could get done! I will post lots of pictures soon to show the updates.I love the smile on his face. He was so anxious to find a home and even though it took a while, this house was well worth the wait.There’s an old barn that’s now a garage which at one time had horses in it.

We bought an old (from 1901) house on a quiet block in Tottenville with a big yard. We were completely sold on the property before we even looked inside. I named the house Peppermint Patty because she’s mint green (for now). The house has so much charm and it felt like home the second we walked it. It’s a good thing we were able to look past the decor and outdated designs because it truly has beautiful bones.


Easter was amazing simply because it was the first holiday with our family in our new home. The Easter bunny showed up and hid tons of eggs outside.

Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day was amazing, we celebrated with a brunch at home. By this time the house was really starting to come together and empty spaces started to find their purpose.

Olivia’s christening

We even decided to have Olivia’s christening at our house. Unfortunately the party was rained out but we some how managed to remove all the furniture in the front of our house and were able to fit tables and chairs for 65 people inside. With our family’s help, we managed to pull it off and have a beautiful time. In the middle of it all I managed to find time to make Olivia a very special christening gown. It was made from my mother’s and Steve’s mother’s wedding gowns.

I even made her a second gown out of my Aunt Donnas wedding dress.

The christening was amazing, yes we do things a little late but we had so much going on since Olivia was born.


We created the Brehaut besties crew with Kaylee Olivia and Makenzie. We enjoy or play dates and library dates together. It’s so nice to be able to have friends up the block that are there all the time even if it’s just for a snack and coffee date ❤️ Kaylee calls Makenzie her other sister!

Summer trip

We did a lot of short traveling over the summer because we had to prepare for Olivas 1st birthday and Kaylees 4th! So there was no real time for long vacations. But we spent a few days in July at our favorite place…Olivia went on her first Shawnee trip! My mom has been going since she’s a child and I have been going since I was born. It was so special to take Olivia there! Kaylee can’t get enough of the river and all of the other fun activities, she randomly will ask to go back many times throughout the year.

Way back when, I took Steve there on our second date to go paddle boarding, the boards weren’t available so we did some kayaking instead. I’m pretty sure that’s when he fell in love with me but he won’t admit it 😂

It was an amazing vacation, but I wish the girls could experience it with my grandparents there. As a child I would wake up to the smell of taylor ham and eggs. We would sit by the pool and play games and eat our picnic lunch. It was amazing. I do love the memories we are making with the kids and as I watch them enjoy themselves, memories flood my mind of when I was a child there.

Olivia’s 1st birthday

After the christening, my family came to the realization that they are now stuck for life when it comes to helping set up and clean up for a party, but they keep coming back for more torture! It’s true love.

Olivia’s birthday was beautiful. We had an enchanted garden theme. Steve built me anything I imagined and he went along with my craziness. Truth is I evoke his crazy side and he actually enjoys it after we stress out a bit. When I said I want pony rides he went the extra 20 miles and said what about an entire petting zoo? I was not saying no. We had 12 animals roaming around our yard. The sheep got loose and ran reckless till it was finally caught (the video is priceless). Pony rides, face painting, cotton candy, giant balloon trees, pretzel bar and a dessert table, we kept it simple (no we didn’t). We lucked out for olivas party, five minutes after we cut the cake it started to rain. Olivia’s one year smash cake photo shoot was a success as well. Kaylee wanted to crash olivas shoot and Andrea took one of my favorite photos of the girls together. This is the last year the girls get separate parties because their birthdays are 3 weeks apart.

Kaylee’s circus birthday

Kaylee’s party mimicked how life had been going up to this point. A giant circus with a bunch of craziness.

We had a ton of fun at her party. Luckily the rain passed by us this time. It was supposed to downpour the entire day but instead we had beautiful blue skies.

Steve and I built Kaylee a special birthday present from an old piece of furniture the previous owners had left behind. We turned it into a really cool dress up wardrobe.

Kaylee started school and cheerleading

Why is it that once the kids start school full-time your heart feels like it’s being ripped out and stepped on? The freedom during the day is great, but it’s just not the same with out the munchkin home.

Kaylee went to her first day of school without an issue. Me on the other hand, I cried. Mostly because she’s growing up so fast and I feel school truly signifies how much she has grown.

She loves school. But if you had her teachers you would love school too. Kaylee started cheerleading for Staten Island Spirit Baby Blues. I’m excited about it because I cheered for SI spirit and have some amazing memories from when I was younger .I was picked, along with Lisa who is just as crazy as I am, to be class mom. She’s amazing and it’s such a great experience working together to plan all of the fun activities we do with these special kids.

This year for Kaylee has been a turning point in her life. She has grown so much and is starting to become her own person. Last year in school she was very quiet and didn’t play much with the other kids. Now she’s friends with everyone and she’s so excited to go to school. As a parent it’s such a great feeling knowing they are happy in class. You never want to leave them somewhere that makes them sad. It was so hard for me last year when she walked in with a sad face.

Halloween party

Kaylee thought parties were reserved only for birthdays. Nope! She had her first Halloween party this year and she invited her entire class. It was a ton of work but it was amazing. I was so sad when it was over. We had to buy pumpkins twice because the first batch rotted. My dad went on a mission to pick up pumpkins, hay, corn stalks and fun props. It took us 2 days to make the maze and it was amazing. The kids had so much fun making s’mores, running through the maze and painting pumpkins. Watching Kaylee play with everyone and seeing all the kids happy was so satisfying. I’m going to be upset when she starts kindergarten because she has an amazing group of kids in her class and all of their parents are even cooler.

And that’s that!

Over the past few months we have come across some great new recipes. Both dessert and dinner. Hang tight because I will be posting them soon along with some fun holiday crafts just in time for Christmas gifts!

Xo GinaMarie

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  1. Donna says:

    It’s been a pleasure experiencing all the parties! Love you all.


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